Saturday, March 28, 2009

Going to New York

Bryce and Tiffinie went to New York to visit Angie, Chris and Missoni and baby Aliza. We rode on a plane to Washington DC, then to Syracuse. We took a shuttle at the airport in DC.

We went to lunch with Angie and Missoni. Yum! Fruit and cheese sandwiches.

We ate a lot of was the yummiest!

We took a bath to get clean with cousin Missoni. Bathtime is always so fun!

We learned some new makeup tips from Missoni. So Pretty!!!

We got our first haircut from Aunt Angie. Look at me now!!!

Cousin Missoni taught us how to watercolor! What a bunch of artists!!!

Back at the airport...on our way back to see daddy. We missed him so much!!!! We flew to Philadelphia and then into Knoxville. Bryce was having so much fun in the chairs, waiting to get on the plane. Anything but the stroller!

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